Workout of the Day

Human Plasticity


Let’s take a moment to appreciate how adaptable the human body is. Yes, your physiology and psychology is influenced by genetics, but beyond that, there is an incredible level of change, both intentional and unintentional, that your body can undergo. Everything from your mindset to your hormone levels to your body composition to your muscle fiber type can be changed, and you’re in the driver’s seat.

Consider, for instance, that fiber type changes can be seen in as little as 14 days with introduction of physical activity, or that dysfunctional hormone balance can be essentially reversed with proper lifestyle adjustments, or that basic movement practices and nutritional habits have allowed individuals to lose literally hundreds of pounds and turn their health around, or that simply practicing a change of mindset can completely change your intellectual and emotional relationship with the world. In addition, the field of epigenetics is now discovering that we can even change how our genes are expressed with our lifestyle practices (physical activity, diet, sleep, etc.). The possibilities are practically endless.

But with this immeasurable plasticity comes a considerable responsibility. You have the potential to become a completely different you. You can be a marathon runner, or a powerlifter, or both, or one and then the other. You can shape your body to be lean and nimble and muscular and strong. But you can also go the other direction. You can become detrained, immobile, sick, sedentary, overweight. The same potential that allows you to become a healthier, more athletic, more capable version of yourself also allows you to become just the opposite. And while there are some circumstances over which you have no control, you ultimately have the final say over how you change. Change will happen, whether by your action or inaction or simply by the passage of time. Remember that you have a say in what that change is.

- PS


  • Snatch grip deadlift - 5,5,5,5

  • 2 rounds for time:

    • 100’ overhead odd object carry (AHAP)

    • 15 ball slams (20/14)

    • 200m run