Workout of the Day

How To Win A Game Of Cards


The analogy of life being a lot like a card game is perhaps clichéd, but useful nonetheless. The idea is rather straightforward: there are elements within your control and elements outside of your control. The “hand you are dealt,” for instance, you have no control over. How you play that hand is something you have complete control over. Certainly some card games are won on luck (how can you argue with a straight flush?), but these are the extreme minority. Every other card game is won or lost based on how the dealt hand is played.

Champion card players aren’t champions because they always get the best hand. They have the same chances of being dealt a good, average, or poor hand as every other player in the game. What sets them apart is their capacity to control what they can and not get lost in what they cannot control. Take a look at your hand. Now stop worrying about whether it looks good, bad, or something in between and consider how you can best play it.

- PS


  • Strict press - 5,5,5,5,5


  • 5 rounds for reps:

    • 45s max box jumps (24”/20”)

    • 45s max alt DB snatch (65/40)

    • 90s rest