Workout of the Day

How to Start a Dance Party


How do you start a dance party? By dancing, of course; and maybe some danceable music. But the thing is, it can’t just be one person dancing. One person on the dancefloor is an oddball, an eccentric or a little too free-spirited. But when a second person joins in, things change. Maybe they’re two oddballs still, but now more people start to get that feeling that perhaps it’s okay to be an oddball. Two then turns into four, which turns into sixteen, and now it’s a dance party. At this point, you’re more of an oddball to not be on the dancefloor enjoying yourself.

Maybe you don’t like dancing, and that’s okay. But what if you actually do like dancing -- you’ve just convinced yourself that you don’t like dancing because you’re afraid you’re not good at it, or not sure whether it’s cool to like dancing? This, I think, is about 90% of the population.

Every dance party (and just about everything else, for that matter) starts with one person and then two, and to those people, I think we should be grateful. But in addition to gratitude, I think we can learn a lesson from the dance-party-starters of the world. Rather than sitting around the sidelines or talking about dancing, maybe we could all endeavor to be that first or second person on the dancefloor doing the thing we love. I think we might all find there’d be a lot more of the right stuff happening this way.

- PS


  • 15 min EMOM

    • Min 1: 5 deadlifts (275/205)

    • Min 2: 40s AMRAP DUs

    • Min 3: 20s L-hang hold