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How To Reach A Goal


You’ve likely had the importance of goals drilled into since your early days of school (remember the SMART acronym?).

Chances are, you’re also likely sitting on a handful of goals that you haven’t made any appreciable progress on. A classic case of “I know I should, I just don’t.”

The process of course starts with setting a goal. What’s often neglected, though, is setting a goal that makes you do something today. You perhaps experienced this same phenomenon the last time you planned a vacation. While your trip to Spain wasn’t scheduled for another three months, the fact that the “goal” (the vacation) was set concretely in the future, and that it was something that mattered to you and excited you, gave you energy and action today. Your long commute to work was a bit less bitter, you had renewed energy to get your projects done and hit the gym, etc. The goal sat in the future, but it affected your actions and outlook today. A goal is not there to taunt you, it is there to elicit a response (action). Set a goal that gets you going today.

Next, have a plan. I don’t mean talk about having a plan, I mean have a plan. Write it down, buy a book with a plan, hire a coach, discuss it with a mentor and then put it in writing. For the sake of example, “do more strength training” is not a plan that will get you to a 300lb squat. Work with a coach to develop a 12-week program meant to address your weaknesses with specific strength exercises and progress your squat incrementally is a plan.

Finally, set the conditions to stick to the process. You can have the best plan in the world, but if you haven’t created the right conditions, you’re likely to fail. The best seeds put in the best soil won’t grow without adequate sun and moisture.

Happy goal-setting and goal-getting!

- PS


  • Hang power snatch - 3,3,3,3


  • 3 rounds for quality:

    • 10 snatch grip behind-the-neck push press

    • 10 snatch grip row