Workout of the Day

How to Clean Up a Mess


If there’s one thing I can guarantee, it’s that you’ll never 100% “have it together,” and anyone who seems like they do is just really good at faking it. It’s hard out there, and we’re all just working to have a semblance of control and create some direction -- there will always be another fire to put out or another problem to solve. But let’s not allow this to be an excuse for why you can’t partially have it together.

If everything in your life is overrun with disorder, it would make sense to find and embrace some element of order to establish as a cornerstone, right? The common pattern is that partial order is achieved before complete order, a mess is partially cleaned before it’s completely cleaned. It’s absolutely silly, then, when I find myself having the conversation with someone about how they just can’t make it to the gym because life is too disordered and chaotic. That’s like turning down a cup of morning coffee because you don’t feel very alert yet.

It’s worth noting, also, that the people who tend to see the most consistent growth and performance in the gym have similar successes outside of the gym, too. It’s not that your ability to properly pay your taxes or to show up to work on time is predicated on your improvement in the deadlift this year, but order and best practices beget order and best practices. Weird, I know.

Your catalyst for order is right in front of you. See you at the gym.

- PS


  • Strict ring dips - 3x max


  • 5 rds for reps

  • In 60s:

    • 100’ sled sprint (4 plates / 2 plates)

    • AMRAP axle bar clean & press (150/100)

  • Rest 2 mins