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How To Be Worth A Trillion Bucks


Apple recently became the first trillion dollar company in history, and while it’s easy to look at them now as their fingers are dipped into a handful of different buckets such as personal computers, mobile devices, the cloud, and music/media, the truth remains that Apple got where they are by being very very good at one or two very specific things. Apple didn’t become the company they are today by trying their hand at building washing machines and designing computer systems for commercial jets and contracting with the military to make navigation systems and creating iPods and growing their own television network all at the same time. They instead focused their energy and resources on excellence in a small corner of the market and grew that. (Of course, as they have grown, their reach has expanded, but the principle holds true in their practices even now). And this principle holds even more weight for small businesses where time and focus can quickly become a scarce resource.

While the comparison may be a bit Apple(s) and oranges, we apply the same principles as Apple in our practices at CrossFit No Boundaries. We don’t offer spa treatments, we don’t have dirt-cheap membership options, we don’t have a full service restaurant, we don’t offer valet parking, and we don’t have our own line of branded supplements or workout gear. The reason is that any of the above would detract from the focus of what do offer: superb coaching. Our time and attention goes into anything that supports and develops our practice of excellent coaching and developing the health and fitness of our athletes, and we happily and knowingly steer clear of anything that detracts.

So, sometimes it’s too hot or too cold and a bit dirty and rough around the edges and we don’t have lavender-scented towels, but our doors are always open if you’re on the hunt for coaching and a relentless pursuit of moving the needle.

- PS


  • Every 3 mins for 18 mins:

    • 500m row

    • AMRAP DUs