Workout of the Day

How Not To Buy A Car


When you go to the Toyota dealership to shop for a new car, the salesperson doesn’t present you with a catalog of individual car parts that you can pick and choose from. They show you a car, complete with a fully assembled engine, airbags, transmission, and door handles. Everything is included, because it would be absolutely silly to go to a car dealership have the salesperson send you on your way with a muffler, a strut assembly, a windshield, and a few O-rings in hand. That would be a colossal failure on the part of the car salesperson and dealership to give you what you came there for (a means of transportation, hauling, etc.) and a colossal failure on your end for thinking that you’re better off picking up a few parts for now, because you’re not quite ready for the commitment of a full car.

While we don’t sell cars, we are an organization that deals in providing a complete system for developing world-class fitness. Just like a new car, it’s a package deal. We won’t send you out the door with a smattering of individual parts, because that isn’t how we can best be of service to you. Of course the commitment of buying a new Toyota Tundra is greater than the commitment of buying just the muffler. But a muffler isn’t going to get you to and from work every morning, is it?

- PS


  • 4 rounds for max reps:

    • 1 min box jumps (24/20”)

    • 1 min K2E

    • 1 min squats

    • 1 min hand release push-ups

    • 1 min rest