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Honoring Chris Moore

For those of you that know him my words would never do his memory justice...

For those of you that do not know of Chris Moore, the Barbell Buddha. Take a minute to look through to his website. Here is the link. Listen to a podcast or some of his work. Whatever you do take a minute to learn something about the man today.

This week, the community of people that makes up not only CrossFit and Fitness but in an even wider realm of self improvement, humanity and purpose has been dealt with an incredibly unfortunate loss. Having met Chris only a handful of times I do not have any place to add to his story except that he was a very wise and kind man. A man that exuded a sense of great integrity and purpose that most of us can only dream of.

Most importantly please recognize that this loss is felt most by his family and those close friends that lived and worked with him. Below is the post, cut and pasted, directly from the Barbell Shrugged website...please read it. Even better click this link to go to post. At the bottom of both pages is a link to a gofundme account that has been set up in his honor.

———From Barbell

It is with the deepest sadness and much regret that we announce the passing of our friend Chris Moore.

On Monday June 6th 2016, he suffered from sudden heart failure at his new home in Amsterdam and paramedics were unable to resuscitate him.

Having recently been given a clear bill of health and commended by doctors for his remarkable physical transformation; it is incomprehensible that he would pass so suddenly from natural causes. We are all struggling to come to terms with this great loss.


It’s impossible to construct a message that sums up a man who’s heart was so pure and who loved with such ferocity.

A true Brahmin, he taught through action, devoting his life to guide, share and serve others in whatever way he could. A mentor for many, his brilliance as a wordsmith drew the reader in, engaging them on common ground – the pursuit of strength. From this point, he took us by the hand and guided us on a journey of personal discovery. This was the very same path he walked to turn himself from the self-titled “meat head lifter” into a uniquely enlightened teacher. Using humour and his telltale no-bullshit approach he helped us understand that to be truly strong in mind, body and spirit, we have to embrace change in all its forms. It can be rough and painful as hell, but it leads to something far greater on the other side.

Wielding his pen and chalk as deftly as a Samurai, he cut down complex ideas and built back a simple and elegant message. This message was his guiding principle…

‘Be humble and relinquish all desires. Instead, give all you have with love and life will surely deliver all its possibilities in abundance.’

His deep compassion and love extended outwards from being a devoted family man and loving husband, to a dear friend, an inspiring coach and a true leader. His beautiful soul will ever resonate through his work, his voice and the words he left us. But the journey doesn’t stop here. His light will continue to burn bright within Iron Heart Studios, which will launch as planned in the coming months. This is his legacy.

If you’d like to help make Chris’s dreams for his art and his family a reality, you can offer your support here.


“Him I call a brahmin
Whose way no one can know.
He lives free from past and future;
He lives free from decay and death.

Possessing nothing, desiring nothing
For his own pleasure, his own profit,
He has become a force for good,
Working for the freedom of all.

He has reached the end of the way;
He has crossed the river of life.
All that he had to do is done;
He has become one with all life.”

Excerpt from ‘The Brahmin’, translated by Eknath Easwaran in The Dhammapada