Workout of the Day

Holiday Hangover


We're not out of the woods yet, but I promise I'll keep this one short.

Today's training is the familiar StrongFit Squat and Carry workout you've seen in the past. A sandbag is probably your best bet, but you can use any odd object to complete your training today. Whether you front carry or Zercher carry your odd object is up to you. Both are a little bit different and one might be better suited than the other depending on what you are carrying. Perform the workout with a weight that you can complete five reps in a row.

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program

Warm Up

2 rounds for perfection

30 bird dogs

20 supermans

10 wall squats (2countdown)


StrongFit AMRAP(courtesy of Julien Pineau)

8min AMRAP

5 sandbag squats

50’ front sandbag carry(odd object)


50 windmills

2 x 8 IYTW

2min bully stretch

2min figure four stretch

2min gut smashing