Workout of the Day

Higher Learning


We are surrounded by great opportunities to learn each and everyday. How you choose to view those opportunities is entirely up to you.

Check out Dr. Andrea Vidaurre, better known as Dr. Dre, in this picture. In a very brief moment, one that might have passed by, she offered up the valuable knowledge of her experience as a Chiropractor. The moment might have been missed if these fine athletes didn't have there eyes and ears open.

You never know when that chance is going to come. Instead of waiting, search out the knowledge that you desire. Let that pursuit guide your efforts.

So...What do you say? Wanna learn something today?

Open your mind to what is out there in the universe and I promise you'll be rewarded with not only knowledge but also the experience that delivered it to you.

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program

15 min Pull Up Progression


20 Min EMOM
Odd Minutes - 9 Chest to Bar
Even Minutes - 9 Over Head Squats (135/95)