Workout of the Day

Hidden Sugars


When it comes to nutrition, sugar (particularly, added and processed sugar) is among the most widely known and targeted “bad” nutrients to avoid in any excess, and with good reason. We have plenty of studies linking sugar to all sorts of short- and long-term dysfunction and disease. Given this common awareness and general agreement, it’s a bit shocking, then, to realize how much sugar is still in the foods we frequently eat, and even in places you might not expect it.

Consider, for example, that many salad dressings will contain as much sugar per serving as a small candy bar. Be sure to check your sauces, too: spaghetti sauce, barbecue sauce, dipping sauce, and marinades are all frequently chocked full of added sugars. Snack foods are among the biggest culprits -- granola bars, yogurt, dried fruits, packaged fruits, cereal, protein bars, pre-packaged oatmeal -- all tend to be sugar bombs. And it’s not limited to condiments and snacks, either. Sausage, bacon, deli meats, pre-seasoned meats, frozen stir fry, the list goes on. I don’t intend to fear monger, but let’s just say you’d have a hard time finding an aisle in the grocery store that doesn’t have some sneaky sugar on the shelves.

One of the most common positive outcomes I hear from participants in the Whole Life Challenge is awareness. When you spend 6 weeks dialing in your nutrition and paying attention to what you eat, you start to notice how easy it is to “mis-step” and accidentally accumulate a bunch of low-quality nutrients in your life.

If you haven’t ever given much thought to the ingredients in the foods you eat, consider that your food awareness may not be up to snuff. Tune in, read some labels, and when in doubt, go for fresh foods.

- PS


  • Farmer’s carry - 3x100’ (AHAP)


  • With a partner:

  • 3 rounds:

    • 90s max distance farmer’s carry (224/144) (complete in 50’ increments, partners alternate)

    • Rest 90s

    • 90s max cal row (together)

    • Rest 90s