Workout of the Day

Health and Fitness as Deviance


The truth is, if you’re a part of this movement and improvement culture, you are something of a deviant. Healthy is not the norm in our society today. Active, conscious, and engaged is not the norm. Being thoughtful and attentive about what goes into your body, prioritizing self-care, and setting aside the common pursuits and pleasures of average society for the sake of health and fitness -- these are not norms. They are acts of rebellion.

Words like deviance and rebellion and counterculture tend to carry with them a negative connotation, but I’d like to propose a recognition and healthy embrace of this deviant status. What this deviance is NOT is an “us vs. them” situation, or a call-to-action to go burn down a McDonald’s or deface Coca-Cola advertisements. This deviance IS, however, an outright rejection of the norms that we are steeped in daily. It is a conscious and purposeful, “no thank you” to the offering of the high-stress, sedentary, sugar-filled, semi-conscious, unhealthy, comfort-and-ease-prioritizing blur of daily life in our culture. It is about rejecting the deception of quick-fixes and the normality of illness and dysfunction. It is a personal and meaningful taking back of your health and happiness and humanity.

We live in a society that makes it terrifyingly easy to be incredibly unhealthy. The overabundance of energy-rich and nutrient-poor foods along with the incredible ease of daily survivability without physical effort or action and the widespread sale of pharmaceutical quick-fixes has enabled us to overeat and under-move ourselves into sickness in record time, and it shows. I’ll spare you the dismal statistics, but it’s no secret that our society is collectively getting fatter, sicker, and slower. The commonality of this way of life has made going with the flow an unhealthy choice, and this means that it takes some rebellion to remove yourself from the cycle.

Our task and opportunity here is not necessarily an easy one. We are swimming upstream, moving against what is being sold to us as common and accepted. This is where it is important to recognize and embrace the rebellious spirit of choosing a healthy lifestyle in our unhealthy society. If we can take the moments to recognize the unhealthy practices of common life, and to willfully reject these practices and embrace our own healthy deviant behaviors, not out of malice or anger, but out of an earnest desire to do better, then we can not only improve our own and our family’s lives, but we can begin to clear the path on the road less traveled. And perhaps, with continued effort on the path of healthy deviance, we can make our way a little less deviant.

- Preston Sprimont


  • Supine ring rows - 3x8

  • For time:

    • 2500m row

    • Every 2 minutes, complete 15 push-ups