Workout of the Day

Have you heard of this thing called running?


Apparently, it's all the craze these days.

That's right kiddies, today we run and I can hear your collective groans from all over South Orange County. Your protests might cause a natural disaster so cool it already. Today I have skipped the fancy video and instead will invite you to go on a run with me. Not just today but again in March, for the 2017 San Diego Half Marathon.

Here's the thing, running is something that is readily available to practically everyone, almost everywhere. Now, running won't help you break any world records in powerlifting or take you to the Olympic podium in Weightlifting but it will help you maintain an above average level of fitness when properly used in a well-rounded program. Sadly many people completely ignore running or focus solely on running when it comes to their personal fitness. I'm just asking you to be open to adding a little bit more into the program.

Back to the 2017 San Diego Half Marathon, back in October(on the way home from someone's wedding) Abby and I accepted the offer to join in this race. I knew exactly what I was signing up for...Abby not so much. Either way, I will be joining in the "fun" running around San Diego. Since running is not my "favorite" form of fitness I have decided to implement some different training methods to properly prepare for this race. I am laying out the program now and will have more details to come. If you are interested in joining in the training program send me an email and I'll get you the details, I have been promised a good time and beer at the finish so what could possibly go wrong...if that sounds like your cup of tea sign up to join us. The more the merrier!

Use today a baseline for your 2017 training. There is no need to set a record or push elite level intensity. You don't even need to run the prescribed course, use whatever course works for you. Don't be afraid to adjust or "scale" the distance either. If you are challenged by a mile run then make it 2 miles today. If you train for Ultra's regularly then use today to set a 10-13mile baseline. Whatever the case get out there and enjoy the outdoors.

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program

Warm Up

2x 50m forward run/50m backward run

30 lunges

20 push-ups


5k run
*The suggested route is pictured above. Beginning at the San Clemente Pier, head south to State Beach. Turn around at the staircase and head back north. Run past the pier to the Linda Lane parking lot turning around one more time, finishing back at the San Clemente Pier.


2min ankle mobility

2min calf mobility

2min hip mobility

*Depending on when you complete your run you can go to Bear Coast for a nice cup of Joe or if you run late in the day finish up at Fisherman's for a refreshing beverage and a beautiful California winter sunset.