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Happy Thanksgiving!


Gratitude Attitude

At this time of celebration, I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks and gratitude, honoring all of you that have helped shape this year and the years past.

Our gym has been gettin' after it now for 6+ years. This community has grown and grown, adding new members along the way. It's really crazy to think about how many people have come through our doors and joined our ranks. Many of you are now spread out across the US and the globe, but your still part of this gang of misfits.

The people are the most important part of the gym...they are my team. Without my teammates, the training would be pointless. The fitness and performance would have no meaning without the athletes. The fancy equipment, the prestigious coach, the “new” training methods, whatever…it just wouldn’t matter without you.

Each of you is what is important, you have given us all so much to be grateful for. You have allowed me to join you on your journey and trusted me enough to say, "yeah I'll join you in this crazy endeavor." My life has been for every changed and enriched by this community. Wherever you are, know that I am forever grateful for YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!