Workout of the Day



Have you ever compared a piece of handmade furniture to a piece of machine-manufactured furniture? I’m far from an expert on furniture, but in my experience, you can always tell the difference. Both pieces can be functional and well-made. A machine-manufactured piece of furniture may ever have cleaner lines or a more polished fit and finish, but you can sense the care and intention that went into the handcrafted piece in a way that doesn’t exist with something machine-made. It really is beautiful, and it tells a story and gives significance to something that is otherwise just an assembly of wood and metal and varnish.

I believe we all have opportunities to hand craft -- to tell our stories. When care and attention is applied, the resulting “product” tells a story. But don’t get it twisted: this isn’t something reserved for experts or artists. Your movement, your cooking, your speaking, your writing, your parenting, your painting: all are up for grabs. There’s a lot of beauty to be seen (and created) in a world where we act with care.

- PS


  • Spend 15 mins on handstand skills


  • For time, 21-15-9 reps of:

    • HSPU

    • T2B