Workout of the Day

Halloween Candy


If you were expecting this post to be about why you should avoid Halloween candy, or how unhealthy it is that the cornerstone of this holiday in our culture is to stock up on pounds of sweets, you’d be wrong. Halloween’s a fun time, and candy tastes good, so go for it.

Of course stuffing your face with sugar and food coloring until you feel sick isn’t the healthiest of choices, but the reality is that one day of candy consumption is really just a drop in the bucket. If we want to talk about health and performance and physique, it’s not the candy that you eat on Halloween, it’s the Halloween candy that you eat every day after that for the next two weeks because your child’s trick-or-treat bucket is sitting out, and because your office-mate at work set out a bowl of M&Ms, and because ‘tis the season, so might as well treat yourself, right?

Exceptions ought to be just that. We quickly fall into the trap of convincing ourselves that we’re making exceptions when in fact we’re creating new norms, and this is where the damage is done. This cycle plays out over and over in physical activity practices, lifestyle habits, diet, addiction, mindset, time management, etc. So when you find your hand reaching for another “Fun Size” bag of Skittles out of your kid’s basket on November 2nd, maybe stop and ask yourself: is this still an exception?

**Note: We will not have a 6pm class today (Tuesday, Oct 31st). All remaining classes will be at their normally scheduled times. Get to the gym early, and go enjoy the rest of your evening!**

- PS


  • Sumo deadlift - 3,3,3


  • 8 min AMRAP

    • 8 dumbbell power cleans (50/35)

    • 200m run