Workout of the Day



We are now halfway through our Stone Cold Challenge at CrossFit No Boundaries, which leaves participants with a distinct opportunity: let the momentum die out and get half results, or double down, and see it through to the finish.

I would be curious to know how many half-completed projects, or half-finished college degrees, or half-written books, or half-completed inventions are floating around out there. I wonder how many billions of hours of time and energy have gone into endeavors that, at the outset, had promise and potential, but which were left undone because momentum petered out, and I wonder how things may have been different if the responsible party had seen those endeavors through to the finish. I can easily think of a handful of examples from my own life.

This isn’t to say that an unfinished 5 weeks of practicing the cold method with atlas stones is necessarily comparable to, say, an unfinished invention or half-written book. But finishing what you started is a practice in and of itself. It is a rep, and you ought to be in the business of not practicing bad (or incomplete) reps.

You started it, now it’s time to finish it and get what you came for!

- PS


  • Front squat - 3,3,3,3


  • For time:

    • 100 strict push-ups