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Guest Post: "Yet"


In the past year, I’ve seen a lot of things that made me think, “I could never do that.”

I’ve spent more and more of my time with people who are incredibly strong, determined, and quite simply great athletes, and my gut reaction to their abilities is to think about the fact that I, just a “normal” person, could never be capable of the things I see these remarkable people do on a daily basis.

It’s funny how often the conditions of now blind us to what could be, or what will be.

I’ve been coming to this gym for about ten months now, and I find myself in an interesting place in thinking about my progress and how I compare myself to those seasoned members whose abilities still astonish me.

At this point, I have two things to say to myself when I think, “I could never do that.”

1) It’s true as long as you let yourself believe it.
2) Maybe you can’t yet.

This isn’t a conversation that ends with, “You can do anything you want to do!” I want to do a lot of things that I really can’t do. Want is a weak word. We want things all the time, and our wants come and go with our passing moods. Want doesn’t really drive me to commit my time to meaningful change.

This is a conversation about patience and potential. This is about acknowledging that looking beyond the temporary wants and the limiting context of now, the amount of potential you possess is only as limited as the amount of time you’re willing to spend on unearthing it.

There are things that I am learning about myself now that would have flabbergasted me ten months ago. There have also been many, many times where my lack of progress has frustrated me. Sometimes yet outlasts our patience.

Let go of the nagging wants and surrender yourself to a longer view of time. Know with certainty that if you put the time in for long enough, the things you thought you could never do could someday come quite easily.

-Joy Sprimont


  • 3 hang cleans + 2 power jerks - (3+2), (3+2), (3+2), (3+2)

  • “Grace”

  • For time

    • 30 clean & jerks (135/95)