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Guest Post: Sacrificing the Good at the Altar of the "Necessary"


The all-nighter. The entire rationale behind “fast” food. The skipped fitness practice.

All bad habits. All sacrifices of good habits at the altar of “the necessary.”

Let me start by saying that we all know what good habits are. And we all know that we sometimes miss the mark on making these good habits truly habitual in our own lives. I will be the first to admit to pulling an all-nighter to finish a paper for school, and of saying, “today’s too busy; I can’t get to the gym.”

Living a healthy life is time consuming and difficult. It requires time in the gym, meal prep, time spent mobilizing and stretching, a full 8 hours of sleep. Time is the only resource we can’t make more of, and everything has its cost.

It’s easy to justify to ourselves the sacrifice of gym time, sleep, or nutrition. It doesn’t hurt anyone but us--it gives us the time we want to deal with whatever else is demanding our attention.

I do take issue with the idea that it doesn’t affect anyone but you, though. I guarantee most of us are far more pleasant, patient, and understanding when we’ve had a full night of sleep, proper diet, and exercise.

The most effective version of yourself, the one that can best take care of all the “fires” life throws our way, is the one that has been taken the best care of. We know that getting enough sleep, engaging in physical activity, and eating the right foods all make us better. So why are those always the first things to go when other, more urgent stuff jumps in our path?

Sometimes we have no choice but to sacrifice healthy habits because something truly important and urgent occurs. Emergencies happen. But I’m willing to bet that, a lot of the time, what we think is an “emergency” is actually just the result of poor planning and a lack of focus on priorities.

If being healthy is truly a priority (and I’m betting that most of us want to say that it is), then we should be taking the time to plan like it is.

- Joy Sprimont


  • Front squat - work to 1rm

  • 10 min EMOM

    • Even: 8 supine ring rows

    • Odd: 30s max wallballs (20/14)