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Guest Post: Fired


Picture yourself 20 minutes into one of those long-haul workouts, one where you start feeling beat way before you think you should, or one with all your least favorite movements, the ones that make you feel awkward and weak and silly just for trying them. Ugh.

Now imagine that experience with a coach standing over you, following you, and instead of words of encouragement, he’s saying things like, “This really sucks, doesn’t it? You’re really tired. You really suck at that movement, everyone can tell. This is why you hate running/squat cleans/(insert most despised movement here). The next time this workout’s on the board, you shouldn’t even bother coming.”

What a dick, right? I think we can assume that guy would be canned before the workout was even over.

Here’s the thing, though. A lot of us are that guy when it comes to the conversations we have with ourselves. This is especially true when we find ourselves in challenging and stressful situations. It’s a lot harder to look on the bright side when you’re physically suffering through 10 rounds of AMRAP burpees (or maybe that’s just me).

But, we all know that a tough workout is going to suck, physically--that’s kind of the point. But it doesn’t have to suck mentally--that’s your choice.

Your inner coach is the voice following you up the hill, the one you hear loudest in the midst of those tough sets, and it has way more power over your performance than any human coach ever will.

If your inner coach talks to you the way the guy above does, fire him/her. Self-talk matters. The conversation you have with yourself matters, especially when you’re in the weeds. Start paying attention to what’s actually being said.

- Joy Sprimont


  • Clean complex - 2 clean pulls + 2 hang squat cleans - 5x(2+2)

  • 3 rounds:

  • In 60s complete:

    • 10 deadlifts (225/155)

    • Max calorie row

  • Rest 2 mins