Workout of the Day

Going To The Gym Is Boring


The people who walk through our doors looking to try the whole CrossFit thing out for the first time almost unanimously share the sentiment that they’re just not that into the usual gym vibe. You know, go to 24 Hour Fitness after work, do a few sets on this machine, a few sets on that machine, maybe vie for a spot by the dumbbell rack, and hit the treadmill for 15 minutes on your way out the door. This distaste for “the gym” (I’ll get back to those air quotes in a bit) may be something you wouldn’t expect to hear from someone whose career is heavily tied to physical training, but I am of the opinion that going to the gym is plain ol’ boring. I’m also of the opinion that this is exactly why so many people don’t go to the gym, and our society’s waistlines back me up on that.

“The gym” is sketchy, uncomfortable, and for the majority of us, unsustainable and unproductive. The vibe is weird and the purpose is unclear (24 Hour Fitness makes most of their money off of people who sign up and don’t show up). And that’s exactly what draws people through our doors. They’re on the hunt for something different.

While we are perhaps a gym in the most general sense, our focus on coach-led, skill-focused, community-driven training makes it an apples to oranges (or maybe apples to filet mignon) comparison. Our programs give students an endless pool of skills and capacities to improve upon, the coaching to drive that improvement, and the community to make it a good time along the way.

If you or someone you know is bored in the gym, know that you/they are not in the minority. Perhaps some purpose and guidance in your training is just the thing that will change your relationship with fitness. Give us a call!

- PS


  • Barbell reverse lunge - 4x12 (6/leg)


  • For time, 21-15-9 reps of:

    • KBS (70/53)

    • K2E

  • *6min time cap