Workout of the Day

Goals vs. Fantasies


Goals are…

Actionable. Goals respect the process, and plan for it. Goals set out to get something currently out of reach, and recognize that steps must be taken (and perhaps stumbles, as well) to get there. Goals are personal, meaningful, and contribute to momentum and drive. They bring change.

Fantasies are…

Wishful thinking. They are “wouldn’t it be nice” thoughts that pay no mind to fact that results derive from action, not thought alone. Fantasies assume satisfaction comes from a status or possession, not an earned outcome or the process that gets you there. They operate on an underlying assumption of “deserving.” Fantasies lead to disappointment, stagnation, even bewilderment.

Goals and fantasies often appear the same in their ostensible direction (“lose x number of pounds by next year,” “lift this much weight,” “earn this much money by age 40”), but are nearly opposing forces. One is thumb twiddling and daydreaming, the other is planning and progressing. It doesn’t matter how many times you say you want it, it’s not going to come true until you do something about. You want something? Prove it!

- PS


  • 7 min EMOM

    • 3 stone to shoulder (AHAP)

  • Sled shuttle test - for time, complete a 5-10-15yd shuttle with 50% of your back squat 1rm added to the sled, rest 1 min, then complete the same shuttle for time again