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I think often about the fact that there is someone out there that has done more than I have done with far less available to them. And the same, I can happily guarantee, is true for you.

Depending on how you choose to interpret this fact, it’s either a scathing critique or a boundless source of inspiration. I’ll own that I succumb, at times, to the fixed mindset thinking that is option number one. But I hope you’ll choose option number two with me.

If we shift over to the worldwide conversation of “unprecedented times” brought to us by a global pandemic and all that it has changed in our lives, it has never been more important to have a grasp on where your limits lie. The best news you’ll hear all day: you haven’t found those limits yet, and you probably aren’t even close. Many of us are facing the reality of having less available to us right now: less equipment, less freedom, less money, less connection, less autonomy. But these challenges, however true, aren’t worth your time. Dwelling on them changes nothing. Instead, shift your attention to what you do have control over. That is where your limits lie.

Our FREE Introducing Breathwork series will be at both 8 am and 4 pm today. I hope you'll join me in discovering your limits. Click the links above to join us.

See you out there. #developyourself







05052020 - Rest Day


  • 5x (nose inhale, mouth exhale)

    • 4-0-4-0 cadence

  • 5x (nose inhale, nose exhale)

    • 4-0-4-0 cadence

  • 5x (nose inhale, nose exhale, ocean breath)

    • 4-0-4-0 cadence

  • 2 rounds (all nasal):

    • Complete 5 breath cycles at a 3-0-6-0 cadence in each of the following positions, while maintaining bracing/tension:

      • Hip hinge (deadlift setup)

      • Air squat (parallel)

      • Deadbug

      • Seated w/ arms overhead

  • 4x (all nasal, ocean breath)

    • 5-5-5-5 cadence

  • 4x (all nasal, ocean breath)

    • 7-7-7-0 cadence

  • 4x (all nasal, ocean breath)

    • 6-4-10-0 cadence

  • 4x (all nasal, ocean breath)

    • 6-0-12-0


  • Anterior shoulder sink stretch - 2 mins (:05 contract, :10 relax)

  • Spend 2 mins on each of the following:

    • Lateral deltoid smash

    • First rib mobilization

    • Bicep smash