Workout of the Day

Friday Night's Main Event 16.3


"It's an old fashioned bar fight!"-Rory Mckernan

Like the Dave Castro said, "it's time to put the pedal to the metal." It's gonna be 7min of Heaven for all of you fitness fans tonight. 16.3 is 7min AMRAP of 10 Power Snatches and 3 Bar Muscle ups. I won't lie it was nice to see the Master's Athlete win last night.

Way to go Shawn Ramirez!!!.

Now, if your worried about the muscle ups or the the weight on the snatches these moves are easily scalable. This workout can be modified for anyone. If you just want to come in tonight for your daily workout that's fine too. One of our coaches will walk you through the movements and get you in one of the heats.

Start time is promptly at 6pm tonight. That means shoes on and warmed up...ready to go. CLICK HERE to register.

If for some reason you are unable to make Friday Night’s Main Event you can schedule a judging session with either Richard or Lauren for $25. Please contact them for their availability. Email them at and


The Whole Life Challenge is wrapping up this week. With another WLC is almost in the books what will your take away be this time? Lauren will be available at 9am to coordinate baseline and measurements this Saturday. Please contact her if you need to make special arrangements.

Good luck!!!

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program


5 x 5


2 Rounds for Perfection

10 Wall Walks
10 Arch to Hollows on the Rings or Bar
10 Jump Throughs
10 Strict Pull Ups