Workout of the Day

Free Workout this Saturday


Every first Saturday of the month is a FREE community workout. Bring your friends and family and show them what we are all about. This Saturday is the last FREE workout of the year!

Plus, we have some new gear that we are really excited to "share" with everyone. It will be extra fun with all your friends and family people you have invited.

Many of you have asked us in the past, "when is a good time to bring my friend to try out a workout?" This is the day. This FREE workout is about sharing our community, so grab a neighbor, call a friend get someone to come down have the most fun you can have working out. Some of you are looking for an extra workout to add to your week. Well have this one on us, just bring a pal.

Invite everyone you know!!!!!!

The work out will be scaleable to any fitness level and all coaches will be on hand to handle any special modifications needed.

Don't know anyone, new to the area, looking for some great people to make friends with? It doesn't matter because I am personally inviting you to join us.

Sign up by clicking here and we'll see you Saturday!

Have questions email me at,

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program


1 X 1
20 Minutes to find your 1RM

100m Sled Push (2 plates/1 Plate)


1 X 1
20 Minutes to Find 1RM

Sled Push 100m (2 Plates/4 Plates)