Workout of the Day

Free Fitness For One And All


Every first Saturday of the month, CrossFit No Boundaries puts on a Free Community Workout -- an event open to current members, our extended community, and strangers alike -- to share what we do best with the world. The event is from 9:00-10:30am on Saturday, February 2nd, and will include a guided warm-up, a fully coached workout, mandatory high-fives, some sweat, some dirt, and plenty of fun. The training will be scalable to any fitness and experience level, so star athlete and fitness new-comer alike can train side-by-side at their own level of skill and intensity. Coaches will be on hand to assist with any modifications.

There’s nothing more satisfying than the opportunity to share our craft with those who could benefit most from it, so we hope you’ll join us and bring a friend or three along, too!

Make it Facebook official HERE, and we’ll see you Saturday morning!

- PS


  • 24 min EMOM

    • Min 1: 5 push press (155/105)

    • Min 2: 10 strict toes to bar

    • Min 3: Max double-unders

    • Min 4: Rest