Workout of the Day

FREE Community Workout


It’s time! Our next FREE Community Workout is coming up this Saturday, April 7th at 9am. This is your chance to jump in on some high quality coaching, fitness, and fun and kick your weekend off right. And, better yet, it won’t cost you a dime.

The workout will be scalable to all fitness level, and coaches will be on hand to guide everyone through the movements. That means you, your grandma, and your neighbor can all get in the mix and walk a little bit fitter. Everyone is invited!

Share the wealth by sending an invite or tagging a friend, and let’s make this the biggest and best fitness block party this year.

RSVP to reserve your spot HERE, and we’ll see you Saturday!

- PS


  • Keg C&P - 3rm


  • 4 rounds for reps:

  • In 2 mins, complete

    • 50m keg carry (AHAP)

    • AMRAP keg C&P

  • Rest 2 mins