Workout of the Day

Free Community Day - January 2, 2016

This Saturday is our first FREE Community Day of the year, CLICK HERE to register. You know what this is all about so I'll spare you the details this time, especially since we have a special guest coming to join us this week.

Chiropractor Andrea Vidaurre will be joining us. She will be performing complimentary spinal evaluations to check your spine and joints for misalignments. Pain isn't always the first indicator that something is wrong. So before you cause unnecessary wear and tear on your spine and joints come get evaluated and start the year off with a great workout.

Please contact her directly is you have any questions 714-906-3933.

Arrive early if you want to get evaluated before the workout. She will be there approximately half an hour before we start and will stay after the workout as well.

Here is the link to register again, CLICK HERE.

Until then...let's see some more video's. Post them HERE to get in on all the fun.

-Lift Strong and Prosper