Workout of the Day

Fitness: Teacher


As much as we are a fitness-directed organization that aims at improvement in things like strength, endurance, and speed, we are also a training grounds for aspects of life that are not so directly linked to physical culture. Among the accolades and missions of CrossFit is to prepare its participants for the “unknown and unknowable.” This tagline is applied primarily to physical challenges, but we think it’s important to recognize that this preparation for whatever may come our way doesn’t stop at just lifting heavy things, moving quickly, or enduring fatigue.

Though business, family, personal aspirations, and other “non-fitness” aspects of life may seem not to share many qualities with getting better at snatching or improving your 500m row time, we regularly put ourselves in situations in the gym that act as analogues for the challenges that we meet outside of the gym. This looks like facing fear, handling failure, setting goals, trusting the process, managing risks, reframing discomfort, pursuing growth, and practicing all-around hardiness and tenacity. While the means of learning may be a barbell and some sweat, these skills undoubtedly are primary assets in all pursuits and encounters.

The real crux of this is that a gentle reframing of how we view our time spent working on our physical performance can help us see the lessons that are available before us on a regular basis. There’s a level of truth found in performance-directed endeavors that has a way of giving us some of the hardest to swallow, but most valuable lessons we encounter in life. And fortunately for us, this is something we have access to every day.

So not only does this give us the opportunity to tap further into the mindset of growth and see the skill transfer of our physical efforts, but it allows us to hold our head high knowing that we continually put in our time in the training grounds, that we are better prepared for the unknown and unknowable in life.

- Preston Sprimont

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  • For time:

    • 25 C2B pull-ups (3 min cap)

  • Rest 1 min

  • For time:

    • 50 push-ups (3 min cap)

  • Rest 1 min

  • For time:

    • 100 DUs (3 min cap)


  • Every 4 mins for 16 mins, for time

    • 400m run