Workout of the Day

Fitness is Not Hourly


When it comes to work, there are generally two broad types of work-pay structures. You either, a) get paid to work for a designated amount of time, or b) get paid to complete a designated amount of work.

Now, in your fitness endeavors, which of these two “work-pay” structures do your efforts most resemble?

While you could make arguments all day about which pay structure is better for which job (and each certainly has its place), there is a better and a worse way to approach your fitness. The fact of the matter is, punching the clock on your fitness isn’t enough. Your efforts, and more specifically, your deliberate and targeted efforts, will yield the results. Checking the box each day of showing up and punching the clock will not.

So you’ve shown up -- fantastic. Now let’s make something of it.

- PS


  • 3 rounds:

  • 4 min AMRAP

    • 10 box jumps

    • 400m run

    • AMRAP burpees

  • Rest 2 mins


  • 3 rounds for quality:

    • Max time ring support hold

    • 15 strict ring rows