Workout of the Day

Fitness is Cheap (And So Is Talk)


You’ve likely heard us say at some point that “the workout is free.” We don’t sell workouts. In fact, we post the workout on our blog every weekday for free to everyone in the world, and you’re welcome to follow along (and some people certainly do) and do the workouts on your own.

We’re happy to share the daily programming, gratis, and we maintain that the workout is free because: a) there are no secrets, and we’re not interested in the business of pretending that there are, or pretending that we are the ones that hold those secrets; b) it may give someone else on the other side of the world the chance to follow a well-planned, balanced, and effective general physical preparedness program; and c) the workout, while it certainly does have value, is not nearly as high-value as everything else that we offer.

The workout an essential piece, but other factors like quality of movement, effective scaling of movements and adaptive coaching, and an environment that celebrates and thrives on critical feedback, accountability, and ownership is really what defines our practice and yields results.

See, in theory, people very well could perform every workout that we post on their own at home or at a local gym. They could spend thousands of hours and dollars reading books, digging into the research, speaking with professionals, attending seminars, and seeking additional education opportunities to develop their eye for quality movement, their understanding of the physiology and psychology of fitness, and their practice of effective implementation. They could take video from multiple angles of every training session and observe the quality of their movement and implement corrections. They could hold themselves accountable to showing up, and, even more importantly, to applying themselves to a degree that takes them outside of their comfort zone and to the fringes of their capacities, where uncertainty and discomfort and growth all lie. They could even seek to develop their own community of rogue, frugal, motivated, fitness-seekers.

People could do all this and more, and perhaps these people would approach the same results they would get from enrolling in a practice with a quality coach in a growth-minded community. But do they?

It’s easy to talk about how you could and would do all this and more, and how much cheaper and better that would be. After all, fitness can be had for cheap (for free, even).

But then again, so can talk.

- PS


  • Overhead squat - 5,5,3,3,3,1,1,1,1,1


  • 2 rounds for quality:

    • 25 stiff leg deadlifts

    • 50 Russian twist