Workout of the Day

Final week

The Whole Life Challenge is never easy…

Take a look where we started, we couldn’t even look at the camera together at the same time.

A step in any direction must have been a good one.


Keeping up on nutrition, making the best choices possible when it comes to food is tough. When you mix in fitness, mobility, hydration and lifestyle habits remembering to log your daily points can be extraordinarily difficult.

I have been involved with the Whole Life Challenge since it was offered worldwide…and there is one thing that really stands out. We all want to make positive changes in our lives but we struggle to remain accountable to our goals.

Things get messy somewhere along the way. Our goals get muddled up and all of the sudden something that was so important just a few short weeks ago is no longer very important.

Why? What happened?

What changed in that very short amount of time?

Outside of intense trauma or crisis nothing that significant has really happened…we just lost our steam…our motivation.

In a world of mass marketing, social media, and the microwave lifestyle it’s really easy to start something and then quit before it has been finished. We are conditioned everyday in our interactions to receive instant gratification. If that doesn’t happen we quit instead 0f seeing things through.

Don’t quit this Whole Life Challenge. This last week make it a priority to at the very least log your points. Don’t change anything, don’t make an effort to do better, except for logging your points. Make the effort to finish something YOU signed up for.

Don’t let the Whole Life Challenge just end…

Finish it and finish it STRONG!!!

-Lift Strong and Prosper