Workout of the Day

Fall In Love With Failure


Failure is a big part of what we do. Not only do we each bring our own individual background of failures and lessons learned, but the practice of coaching itself is rooted in addressing, and then moving beyond, failures. This can look like anything from a failed lift, to a movement fault, to a failure to show up. As such, we ask our students to accept failure, because running from it is antithetical to your growth.

But beyond accepting failure is learning to fall in love with it. While there is room to wax poetic about the values of failure, I’d rather turn to the logical justification. Ten times out of ten, your failures will yield the fuel for your own development in a way that the comforting affirmation your successes will not. With requisite attention and awareness, failure is your guiding light to becoming better.

- PS


  • With a 20 minute clock, for quality and reps:

    • 30s L-hang hold

    • 10 skin the cats

    • 30s L-hang hold

    • 10 strict pull-ups

    • 30s L hang hold

    • 10 alternating single leg box jumps (24/20”)