Workout of the Day

External Solutions


A comedy podcast I regularly listen to has a recurring piece of (joking) advice to “pack your bags and move away.” The advice usually follows a cringe-worthy, but ultimately harmless premise — something like, “when we signed for the purchase of our new house, my realtor went in for a handshake while I awkwardly went straight for the hug, and he ended up putting his hand into my belly as I uncomfortably wrapped my arms around his unexpecting torso… what should I do?” The answer, of course, is always, “you can’t live in that city anymore, gotta leave, time to pack your bags and move away!”

As good comedy often does, this joke indirectly touches on a powerful truth: humans are suckers for external solutions to internal problems. This is the same powerful problem that brings us the trope of the midlife crisis sports car purchase, and which underlies challenges with addiction or self-destructive behaviors.

It shouldn’t be a shock that chasing these external solutions usually does not lead to any resolution to the internal problems. Internal problems are tough to get at, and they generally involve a hefty dose of discomfort. But band-aids and distractions certainly aren’t going to do the trick. Likely, your best solution is to lean into the discomfort and apply yourself there.

- PS


  • DB RFESS - 5x8/leg


  • EMOM 15

    • 1) 4 SB over shoulder (AHAP)

    • 2) Max time L-support hold

    • 3) Rest