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End-of-Summer Performance Challenge


As the summer season comes to a close, we have a special chance for you to test, improve, and re-test your performance in our End-of-Summer Performance Challenge. This is a perfect opportunity to add a little extra spice to your training with a specific goal, a healthy touch of competition, and a new approach to training. The challenge will run from Monday, August 13th through Monday, September 17th.

Here’s the breakdown…

Our movement of choice is the power clean -- a superb test of power, speed, strength, coordination, and, of course, your capacity for hip extension. The goal? Move better, get stronger, and see your power clean strength increase. (And I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw things like your deadlift, pull-up strength, and front squat increase along the way, too.)

For 5 weeks, participants will use what’s called the “cold method” with atlas stone lifts to improve in the power clean (read: improve hip extension, power, leg, hip, and back strength, etc.). Then we will retest.

The cold method is simple, low-fuss, and effective. Pick an implement/movement (in our case, the atlas stone); as often as possible, perform a handful of reps at a weight that can be done without any extended warm-up; accumulate reps and volume, and watch your performance improve. These reps can be done before class, after class, on your lunch break, on your way home from the movies at 10pm, whenever! It shouldn’t take any more than a few minutes.

And because we believe in the notion that it pays to be a winner, we’re adding a cash incentive for the biggest improvement. The more people in the game, the bigger the prize, so have a friend get in on the fun with you! The entry fee is $25.

Have questions? Talk to your coach for more details, and follow the link below. Sign-ups are open now!


- PS


  • Back squat - 1,1,1,1,1


  • 4 rounds for quality:

    • 15 KBS (AHAP)

    • 15 bent over barbell row (AHAP)