Workout of the Day

End of Year Double-Under Challenge Retest


This Friday, December 21st marks the official retest of our End of Year Double-Under Challenge. I run the risk of speaking too soon, but I’ll say it anyway -- I think we’ll see some tremendous improvements manifest. Arrive early to class to retest your 2 minute max (and call out a friend who might forget!).

But remember, the work isn’t over yet. You still have three days of dedicated practice ahead of you -- use it wisely. Skills are built on dedicated, regular practice. It might only be 5 or 10 minutes a day, but it adds up.

A final weekly skills and drills video is up on our YouTube page (HERE). Be sure to check out the videos available there, go back to previous weeks, and like, share, and subscribe if you got something out of it.

See you Friday!

- PS


  • With a continuously running clock:

  • From mins 0-5, as fast as possible:

    • 800m run

  • From mins 5-9, for max reps:

    • 7 burpees

    • 7 pull-ups

  • From mins 10-14, for max reps:

    • 7 HSPU

    • 7 box jumps (24/20”)

  • At min 15, as fast as possible:

    • 800m run