Workout of the Day

Election Lessons


Over the last few days, I’ve been trying in the back of my mind to come up with a fitness lesson we can all draw from this election. And, to be perfectly honest, I haven’t come up with much of anything. However, I have been reminded of an important guiding life principle that I think we can all benefit from revisiting: direct your energy to what you can change, and divert your energy from all the rest.

In the coming days and weeks, a huge number of people will be steeped in anger and discontent over the results of the election. But the ballots have been cast. Whether you’re celebrating or lamenting the outcome, the best thing we can all do for ourselves in this situation and any other is to focus our energy where it can produce meaning and progress, and not let ego pull us in to dwell on what’s out of our hands. Fitness, politics, life, it doesn’t matter. Every day you have a chance to make one of the most pivotal decisions of your life: where will you direct your time and energy? It’s all up to you.

- Preston Sprimont


  • In 10 minutes, complete:

    • 1000m row

    • 20 burpees

    • Max sandbag ground to overhead (AHAP)

Rest 5 minutes


  • Complete the above (with the same number of reps you completed) for time.