Workout of the Day

Easy For You To Say


It’s far easier to focus on why others have it easy than on the ways they are challenged. It’s easy (and incredibly common), for example, to look at someone with low body fat and think about how easy they have it, because they can seemingly eat whatever they want and not gain weight. This can apply to strength, wealth, good looks, you name it -- your mind is likely to hone in on why it’s easier for that person than it is for you.

What’s far more challenging (and far less common) is to turn your attention to the challenges that other person faces or has overcome. For every person who seemingly has an easier time being lean, strong, socially adept, whatever, there is a history of challenges overcome, battles fought, and a closet full of skeletons. It’s highly likely that things are not nearly as easy as your ego wants them to be for everyone else.

This isn’t to say that the metaphorical playing field is or ever will be even. There is no use in denying truths that some individuals will have it easier, but there is no sense in dwelling on useless information about how easy others have it when we can turn our attention to how others have worked, struggled, and overcome and learn from the challenges they face. Next time you catch your thoughts veering towards excusing yourself from effort because someone else seems to have it easier, think about some of the challenges they’ve likely faced and set yourself back on track.

- PS


  • 500m row time trial


  • 5 rounds for time:

    • 250m row at or below 500m time trial pace

  • *rows not completed in the allotted time must be redone