Workout of the Day

Dumb Jocks?


The stereotype of the dumb jock is a curious one. On the one hand, you can visit any globo gym during peak hours and probably find a pretty good case study on what it means to fit the stereotype. But let’s not let the exception be the rule. Evidence shows us that regular exercise actually increases your cognitive capacities. Take, for example, a study done at the University of British Columbia in which they found that regular aerobic conditioning increased the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain involved in verbal learning and memory. Additional research has found that individuals who exercise regularly have larger prefrontal and medial temporal cortices, areas of the brain involved in thinking skills and memory. Even better news: 6-12 months of regular exercise for previously sedentary individuals has been demonstrated to cause significant positive change in these structures. Other benefits such as diminished cognitive impairment in later life, improved focus, and increased performance on IQ tests have been demonstrated, too. And this doesn’t even touch on the emotional benefits of exercise and their effects on cognitive performance and well-being.

Our case file for “reasons to move” is bursting at the seams. While you could make the case that you don’t “need” to exercise in order to live (there are plenty of old, sedentary people out there), we would insist that strength and conditioning is vital to leading a full and fruitful life.

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  • 6 mins to establish max unbroken DUs


  • For time:

    • 100 DUs

    • 60 cal row

    • 800m run

    • 100 DUs