Workout of the Day

Don't Mistake Common For Normal


Nowhere are we more likely to falter in our habits and choices than in what is considered “normal.” However, what is often considered normal is in fact common, not normal. Being sedentary for 15 hours a day is common, being unable to bend over to tie your shoelaces is common, relying on processed and fast foods as a staple for your and your family’s nutrition is common; but none of these are “normal” by any historical or biological stretch of the imagination.

What is common is easily defensible. “Everyone’s doing it.” We tell kids it’s not a fair excuse for their poor behavior, but that doesn’t keep most folks (young and old) from falling for the same trap.

Here’s the cut and dry: if you want to lead a healthy life, you’re going to be uncommon. You are required to engage in some healthy and productive deviance.

Look around at the lifestyle choices that are made because they are common, and then question them mercilessly. You’re probably better off being uncommon, after all.

- PS


  • 12min AMRAP

    • 12 C2B pull-ups

    • 12 HSPU

    • 12 box jumps (30”/24”)