Workout of the Day

Don't Be The Statistic


Statistically, gym attendance drops off dramatically around this time of year. The weather gets marginally colder (we have it rough here in sunny Southern California), the days are shorter, and a string of holidays means travel, house guests, events, and general disruption of your regular schedule. Funny enough, though, the real lack of gym attendance doesn’t stem directly from spending more time traveling or attending holiday events (this accounts for maybe 10-25% of your end-of-the-year days); rather, the extra resistance and complication that the holidays add leads people to give up altogether and decide “I’ll just start fresh in the new year.”

We get it. You’re tired, it’s the end of the year, and it feels good to just let yourself off the hook. There is an undeniable allure to that path (working out is hard, remember?).

But I’d like to issue you a challenge: don’t be the statistic. I’d hate to see you give up on the last 1/5th of a workout because you’re tired and it’s difficult, and I’d hate to see the same thing happen with your commitment to your training at the close of the year.

And because it’s action we’re after, here are two simple action items you can use to commit yourself to finishing the year strong:

1. Plan your week out in advance.

This applies to far more than just your training. On Sunday evening (or whatever marks the end of your week), sit down for ten minutes and plan which classes you will attend. Sign up. Mark it on your calendar. Consider everything else that needs to get done in your week with your work/home/social commitments. It’s no coincidence that the students who plan their week out in advance are the most regular attendees

2. Follow the buddy system.

Funny though it may seem, your commitment to someone else is more likely to get you to the gym than your commitment to yourself. Pick a buddy in the gym or find a friend who you’d like to join you in the gym. Commit together to whatever days you’ll be attending and hold each other accountable.

Most of what we do here at No Boundaries is different from other gyms. We might as well make our end-of-the-year commitment to regular attendance different than the norm, too.

- PS


  • 4 rounds for reps:

    • 60s max cal row

    • 60s rest

    • 60s max HSPU

    • 60s rest

    • 60s max cal bike

    • 60s rest

    • 60s max strict pull-ups

    • 60s rest