Workout of the Day

Do You Play Life Like You Play Video Games?


I’m not sure if you’re a fan of video games or have much experience playing them, but they act as an interesting and surprisingly telling microcosm for how we engage with goals (and life in general) sometimes.

Video games -- and particularly the good ones -- will get you on the hook working towards an ultimate goal with little micro-goals along the way. Complete the campaign, build the greatest empire, upgrade your avatar to the highest level, beat the final boss, complete it on a harder difficulty setting, earn the most trophies, etc. Set aside the digital coating, and this looks a lot like, well, life.

With video games, time, effort, failure, and development of skill in the game are all a part of the process. In fact, they are really what encompasses “the game.” As much as you may sit down at your XBOX, eager to try again to complete that final mission to beat the game, the desire to beat the game is only valued by the process that goes into it.

Put another way, no one in their right mind would spend $50 on a game that comes with all of the missions pre-completed, perks pre-loaded, and upgrades already added.

While it is our goals and desires that keep us moving forward, let’s not forget that the process is, in fact, the real substance of the matter. Pause for a moment and appreciate the process. It’s not easy to succeed at “the game,” but I think it would be a waste if it was.

- PS


  • Stone to shoulder - 1rm


  • 4 rounds for time:

    • 5 stone to shoulder (AHAP)

    • 200m run

    • Rest 2 mins