Workout of the Day

Do It For Future You


While we all know that putting money away in a savings account is a wise choice, it doesn’t make the decision any easier to take money away from your immediate financial situation to make your situation better in the future. Despite our big brains, humans are still a little too good at making decisions based on the immediate present. We have a hard time weighing the effects of our current choices on our condition a month down the road, much less 5, 10, or 50 years into the future.

You savings account is just one piece of the invest-now-in-the-future-you puzzle, though. Your relationships, your mental and emotional well-being, your time, and of course, your health and fitness all take a top-priority spot in how they affect your future.

Is there something you’re currently doing that’s weighing down future you? Is there something you could be doing to enrich your future?

It’s difficult, but I’ve never heard anyone tell me that investing early in their future self was a bad choice.

- PS


  • Push jerk - 3,3,3


  • For time:

    • 200m KB farmer’s carry (88/70)

    • 30 shoulder to overhead (95/65)

    • 200m KB farmer’s carry

    • 20 shoulder to overhead

    • 200m KB farmer’s carry

    • 10 shoulder to overhead

  • *15 min time cap