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Today is April Fools’ Day, customarily it is a day that is filled with pranks and hoaxes. While there is speculation as to its origin, the practice of spring trickery has been happening since the 1500s. Needless to say, the act of getting someone to believe as true what is false is not a new concept. In our modern times, April Fool’s Day has turned into what can be perceived as a tradition, one calendar day dedicated to the art of thoughtful deception.

If we take a look through a larger lense, we can see that this localized tradition expands outside the scope of this single calendar day. Whether it is a narrative that we create in ourselves or a narrative that others create for us the act of deception is alive and well, it’s all around us every day. In the context of our personal lives, it is easy to get caught in the trap of choosing not to accept our own personal responsibility. Our responsibilities can seem burdensome or overwhelming and the negative things that happen in our lives become the fault of someone else. Eventually, it becomes easier to assign the blame for our lack of success or achievement to someone or something else.

In addition to working against ourselves, there are organizations and groups that are actively trying to persuade us into accepting ideas, products, and services that are designed to help us ignore our own personal responsibility. For example, the fitness industry as a whole has a great message. The benefits of fitness are apparent and need very little explanation. However, regardless of the benefits, it requires hard work and commitment. How the fitness is earned is where the industry attempts, through clever marketing, to persuade you that fitness has a specific look, or that it requires specific tools or supplements. Ideas like”sweat equals effort”, the concept of “more is more”, or that programming is an all-powerful “magic silver bullet” is how the trap is set. Somewhere along the way, the masses have accepted these ideas as truth when in fact they are far from the truth. People are, in fact, living and repeating April Fool’s day each and every day of the year.

Random and unfortunate events will always take place. Our current crisis is an excellent example of that. Even with all the limitations we are experiencing, we still have the power of choice. Do not be lulled into deception by looking for the next best thing. They are merely a shiny distraction that leads to inaction and stagnation, eventually leading us nowhere. Choose to be active and accept the situation for what it is...take responsibility for what you can do. Look to people and organizations that are requesting more from you not less. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay. Don’t get fooled into thinking that it needs to be your new reality. April Fool’s day is supposed to be one day, not a lifetime. It’s your choice on how you will proceed. Choose wisely.

See you out there. #developyourself







004012020 - WOD

  • 5x5 Ballistic Push-up

5 rounds for reps

  • Perform :45 of work followed by :15 of rest, or each of the following movements

    • Sit-ups

    • Mountain climbers

    • Jumping lunges(2-ct)

    • 1 min rest

    • *record your best round in the comments

  • 3x 8 cobra push-ups

  • 6x8 floor tricep extensions

  • Superset the following

  • 2x25 hollow rocks

  • 2x25 arch rocks


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