Workout of the Day

Debts To Be Paid


There are two inescapable truths when it comes to training: first, you must challenge your body (push it outside of homeostasis) to get it to adapt; and second, pushing your body outside of homeostasis incurs a debt, which must be repaid.

There’s an inherent give and take to the process of physical improvement, and an inherent violence to it as well. You have to disrupt the system first -- apply pressure and challenge and move outside of what the body is comfortable with. This, in effect does some damage to the body. Then, to compensate, the body recovers from this effort and comes back stronger. It’s beautiful and savage at the same time.

It should be no surprise, then, that problems arise when we overload the first part (applying stress) and neglect the second (repaying debts).

It’s helpful to think of this exchange like you would a bank account. Stress incurs debt. You then have two choices: repay the debt on time (recover with adequate nutrition, sleep, rest), in which case your body adapts (improves) and your capacities and the amount you can borrow in the future actually grows; or, neglect repaying your debts, in which case the debt collectors come and take what is owed by force. This manifests as injury, weight gain, poor performance, depression, low energy, illness -- the works.

The debt collectors are out there waiting, and they’re not interesting in exercising pity or forgiveness on you. Like it or not, you have to play the game. You cannot improve without incurring debt, and you cannot ignore your debts without consequence. Pony up!

- PS


  • Accumulate 30 strict ring dips in the fewest number of sets possible

  • 4 min time cap

  • Rest 2 mins

  • Accumulate 30 strict toes to bar in the fewest number of sets possible

  • 4 min time cap


  • With a partner…

  • 12 min AMRAP

    • Partner 1) 150’ sled push (4 plates/2 plates)

    • Partner 2) 12 burpees

    • - switch -