Workout of the Day

Death, Taxes, Mistakes


We all know the pithy truism that you’re guaranteed two things in life: death and taxes. The list was never meant to be exhaustive, but for the sake of added value, I’ll add a third item to the list: mistakes.

We addressed this very topic in our Coaches’ Prep Course recently: mistakes are guaranteed. Enter into this practice, and you ought to expect to make mistakes. In fact, they will happen whether you like it or not (much like death and taxes). The trick, then, is to make some use of these mistakes, and we’ve found that a wholesale embrace of the inevitability of mistakes (i.e., not running from them), and a willingness to lean into them (face the mistakes, value life’s critical feedback, learn from them) yields a massive payout.

We ask everyone walking through our doors to be courageous, to be ready to make mistakes, and to have the humility to learn and grow from them. That is, after all, the heart of the process (and a much better guarantee than death or taxes).

- PS


  • For time:

    • 400m KB farmer’s carry (106/70)

    • 1000m row

    • 400m KB farmer’s carry (106/70)

  • * 10 burpee penalty every time you set down the kettlebells