Workout of the Day

Day 28


Today marks the half way point for those of us participating in Whole Life Challenge. There are a lot of ups and downs with a challenge of this magnitude. It does last for eight weeks after all.

That's a pretty long time...

One of the more challenging aspects of the Whole Life Challenge is figuring out a way to get our nutrition in check. Finding foods that meet our lifestyle needs, giving us the opportunity to live a healthier life. It can be really tough to find food that doesn't have sugar in it or unnecessary preservatives, fillers or flavor additives.

When our title sponsor for this year's Whole Life Challenge released three new products, I thought I would share them with you. Hydro-Iso Whey. High Lipid Whey and Goat Whey. You can read about the latest and greatest on the blog by CLICKING HERE.

With the exception of a few companies out there, like Original Nutritionals, most of the "fitness supplements" out there are jam packed with false promise and a whole lot of garbage. All you have to do is flip the container over and read the label. Which by the way is something you should all be doing when you go to grab processed food. Read what it says. See if you really want to ingest what they are selling.

Keep it simple out there need to complicate things.

Each of the different Original FUEL Protien options is unique unto itself and to the purpose it was designed make sure you check out how they might properly benefit you. We don't have any in YE OLDE PRO SHOPPE just yet but rest assured I'll let you know when you can pick some up at the gym. If you want some right now, CLICK HERE to order it direct from Original Nutritionals.

-Eat well and thrive

Today's Program


10 x 3

*Complete three broad jumps for max distance after ever set