Workout of the Day

Curiosity, Not Just for Cats


I had the absolute pleasure of attending the CrossFit Strongman Specialty Course at Deuce Gym today. I came away from the day with a decent sunburn, a big-ass smile on my face, and a lot to think about, learn from, and apply, much of which I'm sure I'll address in future posts; but there was one little "parting gift" that Logan Gelbrich, the leader of the course, left us with that summed up what really underlies it all: curiosity.

Logan described curiosity as a kind of recognition that you don't have all the answers, and a willingness to listen to someone else and hear what they have to share. Curiosity is the thing that compels us towards always growing and evolving. Curiosity is the thing that brought people from near and far to spend their Sunday at a CrossFit Strongman Specialty Course. Curiosity is the thing that gets people to try new ideas on for size. It's the thing that gets you asking, "can I do it better?" Curiosity is the thing that got us all into this movement and improvement thing in the first place.

So I'll keep it short and leave you with this:

Are you fostering your curiosity, and acting on it?

- Preston Sprimont

10/17/16 WOD

  • Pro agility shuttle - 5 attempts

  • 3 rounds, individually for time:

    • 100m row

    • 100’ keg carry (AHAP)

    • 100’ sandbag front carry (AHAP)

    • 100m run

    • Rest ~2 min between each round