Workout of the Day

CrossFit Open Recap


As of today, the 2020 season CrossFit Open comes to a close. With the changing of the timing of the Open season, this one felt like it snuck up on us and took us by surprise, but left us with no shortage of opportunities and lessons just the same.

To name just a few highlights, we saw students come away with:

- first Open participation

- first pull-ups

- going “RX’d”

- better-than-expected performances

- lots of high-fives

- leaning into a challenge

Above all, the Open opened up (no pun intended) a collective conversation around performance. Of course performance works its way into our conversation daily — it is the bread and butter of our program — but the higher-than-usual stakes of the Open gives new meaning and significance to performance. Talk of what you excel at, what you lack, and of what’s possible.

So, let’s keep the conversation going. What are your next steps to move the needle on your performance? How can we help you get there?

- PS


  • Tabata row for distance

  • Rest 2 minutes

  • Tabata double-unders

  • Rest 2 minutes

  • Tabata bike for calories