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CrossFit Open Athlete Highlight: Ursula


Every year, it brings the coaches at No Boundaries great pride to see our students entering boldly into the CrossFit Open. While we certainly inject a hefty dose of fun into the Open, the competition setting involves vulnerability and hard work too, and that’s something we want to specifically recognize and appreciate.

Each week, we would like to recognize one of our students competing in the Open this year. This week, we celebrate Ursula.

Ursula is participating in her second CrossFit Open with us, and brings both a competitive, hard-working spirit, and a knack for fun to everything she does. Ursula simultaneously juggles her roles as wife, mother to three kids, and a leader in her workplace, and still makes time for her health, fitness, and development. As if you weren’t already impressed, Ursula also enjoys competing in cyclocross with her family in her spare time. Lately, Ursula has been putting in the extra effort on her gymnastics skills in the hopes of getting her first muscle-up -- I’m no oracle, but I think it’ll happen soon.

This Friday is the fifth and final week of the CrossFit Open Friday Night Lights - the event starts at 5pm. Come by to cheer Ursula and all of our other athletes on as they take on a new challenge this week, and maybe stay for some tacos and beverages, too. Let’s close out this year’s Open with a bang!

- PS


  • Hang power snatch - work up to a 3rm in 15mins


  • 12min EMOM:

    • Min 1: 5 hang power snatch (AHAP)

    • Min 2: 30s max double-unders